Hi there!  How are you?  So, you want to know a bit more about us, eh?

Well, I'm M and he's J!  Ok, you already know that, right?  Well, I am Malea and my son is JP.  I'm a single, homeschooling mom, and JP is a bright, thriving teenager.  A few years ago, we drove across the United States from California to New York so that we could have an adventure, and so that I could attend graduate school.  I received an MFA in Writing, with a focus on poetry, in May 2012, and now we are looking for our next adventure. 

As you can see from the above picture, JP wears glasses.  We have both had eye surgery as young children to combat lazy eye, also known as amblyopia.  Also, JP went through a period of eye patching to help overcome his vision problems - he was nearly blind in his left eye until we began patching.  If you, or someone you know, is struggling with eye patching or lazy eye, please contact us.  We would love to be of support.  Be sure to put "EYE PATCHING" in your subject line so I don't delete your message as spam.  Also, please visit our favorite eye patching website for kid-friendly, fun patches in a variety of patterns and styles.  This website was an invaluable resource when we were going through all of this...

We also both have food allergies and are very interested in all things related to living an allergy-friendly lifestyle.  Occasionally, our Monday posts will include recipes or food-allergy related information.   If you have allergies too, we'd love to hear from you!  Or, if you think you have allergies or are struggling and need food-allergy support, please contact us.  Just be sure to put "FOOD ALLERGIES" in your subject line. 

Some of our favorite things:

* Malea:  French movies, Mexican food, the color red, learning German, bicycling, playing with Legos, drawing, crafting for our Etsy shops (temporarily on vacation mode) or our Zazzle shop, writing, learning Turkish, swimming, and travel...

* JP:  video games, golfing, archery, playing with Legos, video games, learning about computers, drawing comics, spaghetti, Doritos Salsa Verde chips, swimming, video games, and learning German...

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Thanks for stopping by!